मकर संक्रांत

How to Play?

Welcome to MKM’s first ever Filmy Jeopardy!

Do you think you are a Bollywood Movie buff? Do you believe you know Hindi and Marathi songs? Do you want to play a fun game? Then this is your chance to play a fun filled game to test your knowledge of Hindi and Marathi film songs. Come, participate in Filmy Jeopardy with MKM 2022!

What is Filmy Jeopardy?

  • If you know Jeopardy, then you got what this game could mean.
  • It is a Filmy quiz in the format of Jeopardy.
  • This is a team game.
  • Each Team will have 5
  • There will be a total of 9 teams divided in 3 groups.
  • Each group will have 3 teams.
  • From each group, the winning team with top scores will proceed to Finals.
  • In Finals we will have a winning team from each group making it 3 teams at the Finals.


How do you play this game?

  1. There will be a Jeopardy board with several categories for participants to choose.
  2. Each category will have different ranges of points.
  3. You pick the category and the points you want to play for
  4. Then we will ask you the question from the chosen category and the points.
  5. The question would be shown to team for about 15 seconds
  6. After that the team would get about another 15 seconds to think and give an answer.
  7. If you guess it right within the timeframe, you get those points. If you guess it wrong, you get 0 points. The question WILL NOT be passed on to the next team.
  8. Once the team has picked a question for certain points from a certain category, then those points for that category will no longer be available for the rest of that game for any of the teams in that game so choose wisely what you pick!
  9. Each Team will get a chance to pick the category/point.
  10. There will be 4 iterations meaning each team will get a total 4 questions to answer by the end of the game.


Select the points and category wisely because if the other team chooses points and categories in the game then that point for that category is not available for the rest of the game.  You have to strategize too to score more. If you think your team is falling behind, then go for higher points questions but go for it before it’s gone. There will be fun categories with some easy and some head scratching questions. We can assure you that you will enjoy this!

We will also have a question in each iteration for Audience. So Audience will also get 4 questions in each game making it a total of 16 questions in  4 games.

Please come and participate. We have a limited number of teams. Do not wait! Join us and let’s have some fun with the Filmy Jeopardy!!