महाराष्ट्र दिन

May Din Celebration – Maharashtra Gaurav
Program Date: 1- May-2021
Program Time: 9.00 am EST to 12.00 PM EST
  • Conversation with Honorable Shri Sayajirao Shinde.
  • Conversation with Pandita Guru Maneeshatai Sathe.
  • Marathi Powada – Inspirational Marathi Songs – program by MKM local artists.
Honorable Shri Sayajirao Shinde

Sahyadri Devrai is NGO, dedicated to the effort of replanting Devrais in the Sahyadri region, by caring for them and helping barren landscapes become green jungles again.
Sahyadri Devrai believes in the premise that by taking efforts to replant these jungles, it will eventually increase the depleted groundwater levels and bring socio-economic growth to the region.

Pandita Guru Maneeshatai Sathe

Mrs. Maneesha Sathe, one of the senior Kathak exponents of India, is a disciple of Pandit Balasaheb Gokhale in Pune and Kathak Maestro Nataraj Pandit Gopi Krishna ji. For the last 46 years, she has been running Maneesha Nrityalaya Trust in Pune, an institute dedicated to the field of Kathak dance.

Her perseverance and dedication to the art is reflected in the success in this field, and her growing family of disciples all over the globe. She has been instrumental in keeping our ancient heritage alive and inspiring several generations to take forward this legacy of classical art. MKM DC recognizes .

For more information on Pandita Manishatai Sathe and Shri Sayajirao Shinde’s work please visit:
Link-1: https://maneeshasathe.com/
Link-2: http://www.sahyadridevrai.org/about/